Last One Alive: ‘Kiss The Ground’ out now

Last One Alive 2016 press

Cape Town, South Africa: local metallic rockers Last One Alive released a visually smashing video for their debut single ‘Kiss The Ground’ last year. Today the song follows the original soft launch with ‘Kiss The Ground’ now being available as a single for public download.

In a previous discussion, band member Ric Shields explained the background behind the song’s concept and lyrics as being about abusive relationships, which have ultimately manifested visually through the video as well.

“It’s all in there: violence, intrigue, revenge.” ~ Ric Shields (guitar/backing vocals, Last One Alive)

As to why the band released a video and the single for availability separately, Ric explains the band’s view on the video as having been a stronger introduction to themselves than just a song.

“The power of a good music video, as both an introduction to a new band’s characters and as a marketing tool, cannot be overstated.” ~ Ric Shields

There appears to be some strong merit to the claim given that Last One Alive have already begun infiltrating the gig circuit in significant strides. The band’s next live show will be at metal4africa‘s upcoming SummerFest’17 one-day-festival on 04 February.

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