Last One Alive: ‘Revolve’ single now streaming

Last One Alive 2017 Revolve Single

Cape Town, South Africa: this city’s latest hard rock sensation Last One Alive has rolled out phase-two of it’s slow release strategy for it’s debut EP following a stunning video for the first song in 2016. On Tuesday, the single ‘Revolve’ hit digital channels for streaming. We heard a rumour about the timing of the release as being significant and so went in pursuit of answers:

“I’ve been champing at the bit wanting to release another single to get people frothing about the EP which we’re hoping to release later in the year, but the wise Bobby Addison has been holding the reigns tight! Then uncle Jacob decided to get us downgraded and piss off the entire nation while he loots the coffers, and I guess the levee broke. It’s a level of national fury that I’m not sure I’ve experienced before – possibly because I’ve been protected by a warm layer of privilege – and it just seemed like the right time to put the song out there. I know my band-mates are probably going to groan at me for getting political when we’re not trying to be a political band, but man, you just gotta listen to Joel’s lyrics on this track, and you’re gonna feel something in your gut. You’re gonna remember where you’re supposed to direct that burning fury, you’re gonna remember that the power lies with you to turn this whole thing around if we just stand together as one people. You’re gonna want to make your rage manifest as action until justice is served. Joel really served up some scathing lines on this one, and it’s also one where Bob let me have some creative freedom some middle-eastern sounding riffage.” ~ Ric Shields (guitar/backing vocals, Last One Alive)

Whilst the band has no intention of becoming politicized in the future, it is clear that recent events in the South Africa political landscape have triggered many unprecedented showings from people of every background and social demographic across the nation.

“Of course there’s a layer of irony in the song as well. You noticed it’s called “Revolve” and not “Revolt”? That’s because we’ve been here before, history repeating itself. Who knows? Hopefully we’ll break the mould this time around!” ~ Ric Shields

Other releases to leap out ahead of schedule in recent weeks include from thrash band Infiltrate Neutralize Govern with ‘Zumatopia‘, and on a lighter (yet ironically heavier as well) note, Omentum with ‘Curmudgeon‘.

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