Last One Alive: Voice Of Decay single out now

Last One Alive 2018 Voice Of Decay

Cape Town, South Africa: wasting no time following the collection of three trophies at this year’s South African Metal Music Awards ceremony, Last One Alive is riding the momentum by releasing of ‘Voice Of Decay’. This is the first single by Last One Alive since its 2017 self-titled debut EP, to which all of the accolades to date can be attributed.

Voice Of Decay

‘Voice of Decay’ explores the theme of people who tend to preach to others when their own moral compass is questionable. Last One Alive recorded it along with all of the material from the debut EP. However, with the band’s due attention to detail, it didn’t quite make the cut to be included.

“We weren’t completely happy with the overall arrangement. So with some further refining we are now comfortable to release a truly great track with a slightly different flavour to our EP; however, still very much Last One Alive.” ~ Ric Shields (guitar/backing vocals, Last One Alive)

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Drums were recorded at Kill City Blues and guitars at Africa Sun Music. The recording, mixing and mastering were all an in-house affair with guitarist Bobby Addison at the helm.

Catch Last One Alive on stage next in Cape Town on 28 April at Mercury Live, and 5 May at ROAR Live.

28 April is in support of Ohgod, raising funds for the band’s 2018 European Tour and also includes Red State.

5 May sees Last One Alive performing at the Metal United World Wide show. Other bands include Atlantic South, With Dawn, Terminatryx and Holo; with proceeds kindly being donated to metal4africa. The shows also serve to introduce new bass player Werner Barnardo (Subject to Slaughter fame) into the band.

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