Last Year’s Tragedy bury fallen dreams with new release

Last Year's Tragedy 2015 press

The Kenyan metal scene seems to be based primarily around the capital city of Nairobi, and one band whose name keeps surfacing is Last Year’s Tragedy. The band has been progressing in leaps and bounds from very sparse foundations in the ‘rock’ or heavier genres of music in the country since their formation in 2005, making them one of the pioneering bands of heavier music in Kenya. This continued development has just been land-marked by the release of a new song, which also announces the imminent arrival of a debut full length album by Last Year’s Tragedy in 2016 titled Amongst Lions. As always, the band brings forward their message of hope and positive energy.

“‘Bury Your Fallen Dreams’ is a good representation of the album. Music that one can feel. Music that inspires and gives one hope. This song feels like the opening of a new chapter for our fans and for us. As a band, this track is for anyone who feels like it’s over just because something in your life didn’t work out. It’s not over. As you breathe, you can start again. We think that’s a pretty cool story.” ~ Ruto (keyboards, Last Year’s Tragedy)

With more songs already recorded with producer Nick Wathi at Andromeda Studios, the band feels that they are sounding better than ever and fulfilling their musical visions.

“Nick has been a great friend of ours for years, and he’s a drummer, so he understands how to get the sound recorded as we wrote it. The results are always surprising. Kinda like hearing your own recorded voice, except so much better and less awkward.” ~ Ruto

Apart from the song’s release and upcoming album, Last Year’s Tragedy also found themselves under an international spotlight recently when they were featured in a documentary aired on France4. They were featured alongside Mortal Soul and RASH in the production titled Un Monde De Metal’.

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