Learn some useful tricks at The Carnival

Welcome To The Carnival 2015

Welcome To The Carnival is an event on the Cape Town calendar which popped up, not quite so unexpectedly, when another was shut down only weeks ago at the announcement of Mercury Live‘s closure. Welcome To The Carnival, taking place on Saturday 11 July at Buckley’s in Bellville, features the same date and line-up which otherwise would have graced the former School’s Out show at Mercury Live. With the amount of energy being pumped into this fresh reincarnation, and the ground-breaking activity surrounding performances on the night, we thought it worthy of a closer look and contacted one of the organizers for a few words.

“After Mercury Live shut, it’s thrown me into a dizzy spin with tons of shows being set back.” ~ Peter ‘Metalcore’ Manion (partner, To The Stage/The Metalist ZA)

It was well-known that the former 11 July show at Mercury Live was in fact going to be allowing access to all ages; something which is now no longer the case. This can be viewed as damaging to the continued progress so recently also made by ROAR and The Unscene (see article here) in opening up alternative music to new generations. We asked Peter why he felt the all age show would have been so important.

“I grew up attending all age shows hosted at the likes of Boogaloos, variety shows at schools and halls which were the norm back then.” ~ Peter ‘Metalcore’

Peter further described how his younger brother was listening to mostly electronic music with which the rest of the family could not relate, and in asking the question of “why?” received the simply reply of “this is what everybody at school is listening to”

“This sank pretty deep because I remember that feeling of playing in a young band and the emotions I experienced, and the relation I attached to tons of the music from those days aided my growth as an individual. A lot of these human elements seem quite detached in modern electronic music” ~ Peter ‘Metalcore’

Nonetheless, with the original venue shutting down, this has placed an obstacle in the path of To The Stage and their vision, but not derailed them completely. If anything, it appears that the forceful exclusion of an all age policy for the coming show has only fueled their vigor to further make an impact on younger minds; with their attention now focused on the fresh bands in the scene. As well as incorporating a dress-up theme, complete with prizes, a killer line-up, and a ridiculously low entry price, To The Stage are also incorporating an educational aspect to their Welcome To The Carnival extravaganza.

“Well, Carla from 7-String Studios and myself had discussed doing workshops to help enable the youngsters who might attend. After the venue change, however, we shifted the focal point to cater for the younger bands.” ~ Peter ‘Metalcore’

Short presentations will be offered by various players in the local industry in between band performances, and includes:

Carla Cubic (owner, 7 String Studios)
Introduction ~ Carla will open with outlining the aims of the workshops and what will be covered in general, as well as where bands can get off to a good start.

Kevin Rule (guitars/vocals, With Dawn)
The Scene In General ~ Very few people you meet in a nighclub today will be able to remember a time where there was no Kevin Rule. Kevin outlines how bands can remain ‘current’ and will talk about the scene’s biggest ‘allies’.

Natalie Lucia (vocals, Conduit)
The Scene as A Girl ~ Natalie has been involved in live performance for roughly a decade, prowling her way through what is often thought of as ‘a man’s domain’. Hear what she has to say for the ladies with aspirations.

Justin Van Wyk (instrument specialist, Paul Bothner Music)
Matters of Equipment ~ Justin will be available to answer any questions about gear, and possibly dispel some mysteries about what works best and why.

Mike Cubic (bass guitar, With Dawn)
General Scene Etiquette ~ Mike will convey how promoters, bands, members, media, and any other scene-associated individuals should conduct him or herself, as well as some of the ‘unspoken’ rules around the scene.

Dirk van Duivenbooden (owner, Pineapple Productions)
Gig Etiquette ~ Dirk will describe some of the pitfalls that bands cane easily avoid with live sound, mostly in terms of dealing with technical staff and being well prepared.

Ruan Jordaan (guitar, Megalodon)
Studio Etiquette ~ Ruan, who also doubles as studio engineer, will guide bands through some basic principles of studio etiquette, such as what would be expected of them when they enter such an environment and the kinds of preparations they should make, or if they’re even ready yet to take such a step.

Entry to the event will cost only R50, with doors opening as early as 13h00 (bands from 16h00) on Saturday 11 July at Buckley’s in Edward Street, Bellville. Bands on the line-up include: Megalodon, Terminatryx, With Dawn, Conduit, Ohgod, Beedlenstorm, Coded, Devilspeak, and Subject To Slaughter. See the official event page for full details.