Leftover Crack: South African tour dates

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New York City, USA: if anarcho ska punk with an aggressive twist is your thing, then genre-hybrids Leftover Crack should find it’s way into your February diary for when the band smashes a trail through a number of South African cities.

Hosted by locally-based DIY collective We Did This Records, the tour welcomes Leftover Crack to South Africa for the first time since the band’s formation almost twenty years ago. The band represent a no-nonsense attitude of anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, and includes the twist of anti-breeding but pro-choice. If that in itself is not enough to provoke some discussion and intellectual hoo-hah, plus a night of engaging entertainment then who can say what is? To thicken the plot, lyrical themes throw questions at religion, capitalism, and pretty much any system of induced authority.

Tour dates:

03 February – Johannesburg @ Rumours Rock City

04 February – Johannesburg @ Sundowners

05 February – Pretoria @ Wolmer Bush Lounge

08 February – Durban @ Cool Runnings

10 February – Cape Town @ The Mercury Live

11 February – Cape Town @ ROAR

Tickets are available via Quicket (follow links above on each event) at R270 or for R300 if bought cash at the door.

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