Life Of Zom: Tour The Disaster documentary

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend on stage at Wacken 2016

Cape Town, South Africa: local band and international winners of this year’s Wacken Metal Battle, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, deliver a series of short documentary-style videos for fans called Life Of Zom. Typically we do not share these as relevant news content. However, the latest offering released today includes a first-hand account of their climbing through the ranks of the Wacken Metal Battle, their trip to Germany, as well as some unique footage of their experience of performing and winning the prestigious battle as part of their Tour The Disaster excursion summary.

“We’re really excited to share this experience with everyone. As usual, Life Of Zom is pretty much filmed by the band for the fans. Completely unscripted, we basically just decide to film over a certain period and then see what happens. I guess we were lucky this time in the way that this story concluded with a happy ending.” ~ Adriano Rodrigues (guitar/Zombies Ate My Girlfriend)

For Gauteng readers, catch Zombies Ate My Girlfriend live at Krank’d Up music festival at Sundowners this Saturday, along with USA’s Periphery and Norma Jean, as well as a whole lot of other South African legends.

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