Local artists collaborate for Lamb Of God tribute

Wrath: Tribute Concert

Cape Town, South Africa: With South African metal seemingly in full swing where shows are cramming multiple venues in major cities every weekend, some musicians are moving into another sphere to bring more variety to the mix of live metal entertainment: tribute bands!

This is not a new phenomenon to South Africa by any stretch of the imagination. In more recent years, sporadic bursts have occurred such as with bands like Powerslave (Iron Maiden), The Thunder Gods (Amon Amarth), Gunship (primarily Metallica), Sexodus (Exodus), Ham Of Bob (Lamb Of God) and others coming to surface, almost always consisting of members from other well-known original local bands. Sometimes, a tribute show will be a band in their own name, such as with Infanteria who have done a few Megadeth tribute shows, or Marching Dead who pulled off a convincing Slayer tribute some years ago. We can wonder if the tide did not turn after previous years where musicians used to (and continue to) gather together to pay tribute to the late Dimebag Darryl in early December to commemorate the slain musician’s contribution to the heavy metal genre. Lately, this seems an ever-increasingly popular pastime and has even led to the formation of originals bands, such as in the case with Gunship, once an appetite had been acquired via the tribute project.

And so our present attentions are drawn towards Wrath, a Cape Town initiative by Matthew Cox from Thread Of Omen, which will be doing a tribute in October to the mighty Lamb Of God. Apart from the promotional video here, we had our own conversation with him to try and better understand why tribute projects seemed to be rising in popularity, or what anybody hopes to get out of it.

“Around the start of July I got the idea of hosting a show that features two ‘supergroups’ of musicians from well-respected and accomplished local metal bands collaborating and playing a bunch of covers. So I contacted Kevin Rule of With Dawn, since many people told me that he’s always down for any sort of tribute/cover show. We discussed different bands that would be suitable to cover, as well as which musicians would be suitable to play in this show.” ~ Matthew Cox (bass, Thread Of Omen)

Matthew describes how the original plan was to cover a variety of bands such as Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Parkway Drive and others, but the decision narrowed down to one band’s material only. After some weeks of approaching a list of ideal candidates, two bands were created and each had to decide on a set list featuring it’s members favourite Lamb Of God songs.

“We’re extremely excited to take this project to the stage and having some fun with these tunes. By participating in a show like this, it gives the musicians the opportunity to network and play with people from other bands, and to experience how other musicians work in studio and on stage. It also allows the musicians to step out of their comfort zone of playing with their own band and experiment with other musicians and styles.” ~ Matthew Cox

The Wrath concert takes place on 02 October ROAR/Gandalf’s (299 Lower Main road, Observatory). More information can be found on the official facebook event page.

The current project includes:

– Luke Edwards – Atlantic South
– Matthew Cox – Thread of Omen
– Marc Olwage – Suiderbees / Zombies ate my Girlfriend
– Brett Conradie – The Cordiers
– Damian Rijkers – Sabretooth
– Jacques Du Toit – Bulletscript
– Minaz Dhanani – Atlantic South
– Thomas Theron – Megalodon
– Kevin Rule – With Dawn
– Mark Allnut – All Guns Full Ammo
– Oliver Saggerson – Bulletscript
– Alex Williamson – Atlantic South
– Joel Dickson – Animus Fall

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