Local Film Festival features heavy metal interests


Sound On Screen film festival was established in 2009 at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town by Flamedrop Productions, also the creators of the South African Horrorfest film festival (since 2005). In fact, Sound On Screen emerges from a family tree of themed festivals all branching out from the original Horrorfest, including the X-Fest (documentaries or films featuring all things extreme) which was the immediate precursor to Sound On Screen. The fledgling festival grew to begin including screenings also at The Bioscope in Johannesburg since 2013. Of particular interest is the fact that each festival has also included at least one film of heavy metal interest, and at least a few of general ‘alternative music’ interest. For example, previous festivals had screened films such as Ministry: Fix (featuring legendary industrial band Ministry), March Of The Gods: Botswana Metalheads (title tells it all!), Mission To Lars (a fan journey’s to fulfill the dream of meeting Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich)

This year, screening from 31 July – 02 August, films to have caught our attention are: We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!, Monsterman, and Art’s Not Dead.

With We Are Twisted Fucking Sister!, award-winning film maker Andrew Horn (2004 Teddy Award: ‘Best Documentary’) set out to capture the story of New York heavy metal band Twisted Sister and their slow, arduous rise to fame prior to the MTV explosion of the early 80s.

Monsterman is a documentary film about the creator of heavy metal band Lordi, who seems to have found himself caught between hell and a hot place, and yet is still determined to keep the dream alive.

Art’s Not Dead looks in on a local musician! Artur Pereira, who is incidentally an active musician in local circles once again, announced a departure from live performance and music in 2011, much to the ire of the four bands he was playing drums for at the time. A documentary seeks out words from people whose lives his presence in the music biz had impacted and sums up his career at that time with a great big farewell show… featuring all four bands in which Art played drums!


Another short preview to Art’s Not Dead here…

Other features screening this year which may be of interest are:

Soaked In Bleach is a documentary about the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame, raising some interesting questions about the legitimacy of claims that the rock star committed suicide.

Gogol Bordello: Non Stop joins in celebration of the band’s appearance in South Africa in just a few more days as the band headlines at the legendary Oppikoppi festival in the Northwest Province and One Night In Cape Town at the weekend of August 07-09, 2015.

For full details on screenings of all films in the Sound On Screen festival for both Cape Town and Johannesburg, visit the official facebook event page, or the festival organizers website.

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