LunaRift: ‘Water’ arrives in form of music and art

LunaRrift 2017 Water single

Cape Town, South Africa: a positively beautiful package arrived in cyberspace yesterday with a minor release by one-man project band called LunaRift. The artist – and we will call him that since he writes the music in it’s entirety and also creates the accompanying graphics – was surprised by the positive uptake from the public since going live with his delivery of ‘Water’ yesterday.

“I never thought that this would gain any traction whatsoever. So what LunaRift is, is an instrumental solo project. It’s just me, at home, with a guitar, and my evenings when I’m not working.” ~ Christi du Toit (musician/illustrator, LunaRift)

Yet what has caught the public attention with the unveiling of this first brief chapter of the project is not only a delightful musical piece, but a beautiful artwork and an accompanying theme with promise of more to come. It is summarized perfectly at the LunaRift bandcamp page.

“The first of four instrumental tracks covering the alchemy elements of Wind, Water, Fire & Earth. “Water” conveys the fluidity and crushing force of the waves and currents through fast-paced guitar riffs and heavy grooves, while still capturing the harmonious sway of the open sea in the melodic chorus sections.” ~ Christi du Toit

In this, Christi has suggested that at least three more songs will be delivered under the LunaRift name, each focusing on one of the remaining elements of Earth, Air, and Fire. At this time there is no promised timeline for the delivery of the further intended music and art, nor any talk of ambition to build towards a live band at this stage. Though Christi has also not dismissed any future possibilities either.

“I wanted to write music for emotional gratification, knowing that I’m not neglecting my interest in it. That being said, I have no set goals or expectations with LunaRift, and I’m just letting it evolve pretty naturally as I go as a result.” ~ Christi du Toit

At M4A, we will be keeping an attentive eye and ear for the next delivery by LunaRift.