MA-AT: debut EP with Find Evil, Feel Fine

Find Evil, Feel Fine

MA-AT 2019 Find Evil, Feel Fine

Cape Town, South Africa: emerging strong in 2019 since first appearing on the live circuit last year, local Stoner Doom band MA-AT gifts us with a debut EP in advance of its own return to Mountains of Madness this weekend.

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Find Evil, Feel Fine

Find Evil, Feel Fine is the first output since MA-AT‘s initial demo, ‘Nursing Serpents’ released almost a year ago; and includes a re-imagined version of the song.

“The release of ‘Find Evil Feel Fine’ is at once both a representation of our current and evolving sound, as well a way for us to test the market with our release. This project is built out of passion, and we enjoy the music we create, and we hope that there are people who will enjoy it as well.” ~ Patrick Dudgeon (drums, MA-AT)

Patrick further describes the recording process; tracked live with only doubling on the guitar and vocal overdubbing. MA-AT originally promised an organic approach to writing and production, and is thus far delivering:

“We feel that it’s a step away from the hyper-produced, to-the-grid performance corrected music that has become prevalent. Therefore, Our recording moves like us; As a unit, and not entirely perfectly, but always with passion.” ~ Patrick Dudgeon

The League of Doom: Mountains of Madness Banner 2019

Return to the Mountains of Madness

What’s more, MA-AT is on the magmatic line-up for The League of Doom‘s second installation from its Mountains of Madness series: Return to the Mountains of Madness. The show takes place in Cape Town this weekend, Saturday 20 April.

“With regards to the Return to The Mountains of Madness show, we are beyond excited to be included in the lineup. When we started as a band, we realized that there were not too many bands doing the same thing as us; at least, not in South Africa. Two bands that jumped out immediately were Mad God and Ruff Majik, and we are huge fans of their music. Mad God absolutely blew us away with the level of production on their albums, and Ruff Majik has set the bar for their prolific output.” ~ Patrick Dudgeon

Ruff Majik and Mad God both return from Gauteng after playing at last year’s Mountains of Madness show, whereas MA-AT and fellow locals Psykasm join for the first time.

Mad God arrives on the back of its own album released late last year, Grotesque and Inexorable.

Ruff Majik will play Return to the Mountains of Madness as a fond farewell to Cape Town, since the band is relocating to Europe in the near future. There may be another surprise in store for fans in the days leading up to the show.

“We were honoured to play a show with Ruff Majik on their Cape Town tour last year, and it was the debut show of a band we consider to represent growth of the Doom scene in Cape Town; Psykasm is a fantastically talented collective, and we look forward to sharing the stage with them again, and hopefully many times after!” ~ Patrick Dudgeon

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Return to the Mountains of Madness is one not to be missed! To learn more about this event, we spoke with the organizer in a previous article. Otherwise, for further details and updates, visit the facebook event page.

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