Mad God: artwork and single from upcoming album

Mad God: artwork 2017 Tales of A Sightless City album art
Mad God’s ‘Tales Of A Sightless City’ front cover

Johannesburg, South Africa: doom metal, though still something of a niche within the bigger picture locally, is rising back to some fair prominence in South Africa with an increase in projects and releases. Our attention is drawn today towards Mad God, as the band releases it’s first single from the forthcoming debut full length album Tales Of A Sightless City.

With the song ‘Limerence’ circulating as from today, it is clear that the band has also stepped up a little in production value since it’s 2015 debut on the Unholy Rituals split EP.

“All in all I think more time was spent on everything, but also I think we did not lose the spirit of the live sound by having it sounding not overly perfect.” ~ Tim Harbour (vocals/guitar, Mad God)

Tim also cites H.P Lovecraft as a key inspiration behind the music and lyrics of the band, evident in the band’s name which refers to the fictional deity of Cthulhu. The lyrics to ‘Limerence’ portray a chilling horror tale.

“This one in particular is about a man who, for selfish reasons, tries to save a women he sees running through a dark forest but before getting what he wants, he is devoured by the women who was actually a demon.” ~ Tim Harbour

Mad God: artwork for Tales of a Sightless City

Fans can look forward to the full release of Tales Of A Sightless City on 22 July, and which will also be available in hard copy for the collectors and artwork enthusiasts. The launch will include live shows, with dates booked for 22 July at Bohemian Pub in Johannesburg (event page here) and 29 July at the New Moon Pub in Pretoria (event page here) The artist responsible for Tales Of A Sightless City is none other than Lyle Van’Dango, vocalist for fellow Unholy Rituals cohorts Goat Throne.

“The artwork matches our style so well and I’m so proud to show it to people. Not only is Lyle an amazing artist but he is an amazing friend. I can’t thank him enough for the work he put into this.” ~ Tim Harbour

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Mad God 2017 Tales of A Sightless City rear art
Mad God’s ‘Tales of A Sightless City’ rear artwork