Mad God: ‘Tales of a Sightless City’ out now

Mad God 2017 Tales of a Sightless City album art

Johannesburg, South Africa: Doom band Mad God releases it’s anticipated Tales of a Sightless City album today. Begun in 2015, this project is the first full length album from Mad God. True to form for the genre, it comprises of only five tracks, yet clocks in at an amazing 40 minutes.

Fans and followers of the Stoned Meadow Of Doom youtube channel enjoyed a full preview last night.

“I’m a super happy to finally release this album to the world. Partnering with Stoned Meadow Of Doom on the release has really been exciting for me. It is one of my favorite YouTube channels and I love almost every band that I find there.” ~ Tim Harbour (vocals/guitar, Mad God)

Tales of a Sightless City

Digital sales are up and running via bandcamp and other platforms. However, die hard fans can buy physical pressings soon. Mad God will tour the album soon, with shows already booked in Pretoria and Johannesburg, and Cape Town plans are in the works.

“Hopefully people respond well to it. I’m obviously a bit nervous as well to see the responses. You are never sure how an album is going to be received, so excitement and nerves are my main feelings right now.” ~ Tim Harbour

We have already purchased the album. At M4A, we feel confident that Tim, Jared and Patrick can rest easy on the feedback they’ll receive for their work on Tales of a Sightless City.

Tour dates for Tales of a Sightless City

Johannesburg @ The Bohemian on 22 July:
With Ruff Majik and Savage Lucy
Link to facebook event.

Pretoria @ New Moon Pub on 29 July:
With Goat Throne and Major Affective Disorder
Link to facebook event.

Cape Town @ Mercury Live on 16 September:
With Doomorgy, The Valley, Electric Bizarre (tribute band) – hosted by The League of Doom
Link to facebook event.

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