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Hamburg, Germany: the uniquely bizarre doom-punk-infused black metal duo of MANTAR will be preparing for their first trip to Africa in 2017. Confirmed to appear as co-headliner at both nights of the Witchfest Open Air traveling festival, the band will appear in the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town along with a huge line-up of South African bands plus one or two more surprises from further afield.

“We are more than stoked to play our first African shows ever and still can´t believe how much of the world we have been able to see within just three years of being a touring band! South Africa is truly unique, and one of our highlights so far, though. It´s great to see how much people seem to dig this little band of ours and we can´t wait to play for you guys down there. Hails!” ~ Hanno Klänhardt (guitar / vocals, MANTAR)

Mantar has released two studio albums since 2012 including the 2014 Death by Burning and 2016 Ode to the Flame, and a stunning live-take recording in studio in 2014 with the St.Pauli Sessions in Hamburg. In a short time their musical package has grabbed interest globally, even – or perhaps especially – in spite of their minimalist approach for which the band is not lacking in courage besides; expressing no desire to do it any other way:

“Being a two-piece feels very normal to us. It´s all about a certain energy and vibe you share while playing. It´s not about the quantity of musicians on stage. It´s about the atmosphere you can create. I am very sure MANTAR wouldn’t be a better band with another guitar or a bass or whatever. These things are just the “instruments” in our hands. What we do though, is try to create something unique; something special; something heavy and intense; only made possible due to the two musicians we both are. We ain’t super talented at all, but we know each other for twenty years. So we know how we “think” as musicians. We feel the same vibe while playing. Ecstasy. Passion. Destruction.” ~ Hanno Klänhardt

In terms of what the band strives to achieve, musically and artistically, there appears a base essence from which their uniqueness stems, as further described in finer detail:

“Being a two-piece means you either have to have a good riff, or a good drum beat. Best case scenario, you have both at the same time. There is no way to hide or fake something. MANTAR is a very primitive band, aiming for primitive instincts. We don´t wanna create art; we wanna cause stress.” ~ Hanno Klänhardt

As unfolding so far, the Witchfest Open Air line-up for both cities also includes Theatre Runs Red (black metal), SacriFist (melodic death metal), Boargazm (groove-nu-metal), Vulvodynia (slam) and Botswana’s legendary Wrust. Each city will also feature some bands unique to that event, including DevilSpeak and ING (Infiltrate Neutralize Govern) for Cape Town, with announcements still to come for the JHB leg.

The promoter Witchdoctor Productions has also promised a print run of Witchfest Open Air shirts, available for purchase via their website and collection at the festival/s.

Tickets for both shows can also be acquired via the Witchdoctor Productions website, or for members of the True Believers (split payment option) via that channel by contacting their membership administrator.

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