Marene: After Life EP, out today

Marene 2021 After Life

Cape Town, South Africa: “Flash Rock” band Marene is back in 2021 with a brand new EP titled After Life. Marene takes no prisoners in 2021, since this EP is the second one for the year; following hot on the heels of Something’s Out There, released in February.

What’s more, Cape Town folks, catch Marene live for a launch party in Stellenbosch this weekend.

After Life: in context

After Life is an exploration of the accelerated downward spiral of a substance and party-dependent life. It analyzes the self-destructive behaviour of the past, present and future youth that drives people into the dark realms of anxiety and depression.

After Life: no limit to ambition

Since releasing Something’s Out There, the group decided to entrench themselves in a second EP aiming to be powerful, heart-wrenching and hot-blooded. The band topped their game with blazing production from their very own Tyler Duggan:

“I wanted to push the boundaries of my production skills and incorporate more guitars, synths, backing vocals and string progressions. The EP needed to be dense and filled with multi-layered sonic harmonies.” ~ Tyler Duggan (Vocals/Guitar, Marene)

Marene 2021 press photo After Life

“Recording the lead guitar tracks for ‘After Life’ was such a phenomenal experience. It felt great to be back in the studio, the songs on this EP give me goosebumps every time I listen to them. I feel proud to have been a part of it, and I am completely satisfied with the way they have turned out.” ~ Arian Helm (lead guitar, Marene)

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