Mauritius: Breed Apart reveal debut single

Breed Apart, Idle Spirit single release

Mauritius, a tiny vestige of the African continent surrounded by the Indian Ocean and whose nearest large neighbour is Madagascar, proves again that Metal will find it’s home anywhere. With the recent release of the debut single ‘Idle Spirit’ by Thrash Metal band Breed Apart, we had an opportunity to learn more about not only the band, and the scene which they are a part of in this relatively isolated country.

“In Mauritius, mainstream (pop/electronic) music is very popular along with traditional Sega music. However, our rock/metal scene is very limited in terms of bands and fans; as we can only get around a hundred fans for rock/metal shows. Given that our circle is relatively small, all bands are very close and socialize quite well. Currently we have around twenty active rock and metal bands.” ~ Dev Woodit (guitar, Breed Apart)

With a small, but evidently vibrant scene budding, musicians in Breed Apart (consisting of Dishan Luckwa, Steeven Pumbien, Hansley Ramooloo and Dev Woodit) have all enjoyed experience in previous bands, coming together from the likes of Tribus, Haze and Black Illusion spanning from hard rock and progressive styles to the more extreme thrash.

“We started out as a Sepultura cover band in 2013 and eventually decided to start writing our own music. So far we have been playing local shows and we opened for Warfield; a band from Reunion Island. We are planning to play a show there in the near future hopefully.” ~ Dev Woodit

The single ‘Idle Spirit’ was recorded and mixed by Thibault de Robillard at Larsen Studio, and released formally on 20 January 2016.

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