Maximum Carnage: ‘Blackened Sun’ out at WinterFest’17

Maximum Carnage 2017 Blackened Sun

Pretoria, South Africa: Maximum Carnage delighted Cape Town headbangers in 2014 when the band played WinterFest’14. The feeling must have been mutual; since the band has chosen to release it’s debut full length album by kicking it off in Cape Town, again at WinterFest’17. Prepare yourselves for Blackened Sun! This debut album follows two EPs: the self-titled 2014 release, and Just Die in 2015. The first taste of Blackened Sun arrived with the self-titled single earlier in the year.

Blackened Sun

Fans will notice a difference since the band’s first Cape Town appearance in 2014. The original vocalist is missing! In fact, those who have been paying attention will notice that Adri Jordaan is now in fact a Cape Town resident, and is the new singer for The Warinsane. Maximum Carnage have solved the missing member from within, as guitarist Dale McHardy has stepped in to full the position.

“Dale started learning to vocal and got so good at it that we couldn’t find someone better through the few tryouts we had with other guys. Dale and I also started writing lyrics for the new album. Which led to different themes than the usual direction we took in the past.” ~ Wouter Botha (guitar/backing vocals, Maximum Carnage)

Wouter describes the band’s current members as all being very connected to nature; some involved in raising plants and horses, with others being artistic in ways besides music. This consciousness led to songs like the title-track ‘Blackened Sun’, ‘Undead Feast. and ‘Gate Keeper’.

“In these, we talk about the damage humans are having on nature, that earth will eventually reset itself and wipe us out. And that we hold the key to our demise. We also researched a lot of wars, South African history and environmental issues, etc. And we saw that the world is a lot more brutal and fucked in real life than any fiction you can dream up.” ~ Wouter Botha

Songs like ‘War’ and ‘Chamber of Horror’ reflect real life scenarios in which human have found themselves at the mercies of other humans.

“‘Chamber of horror’ is a two part song about Unit731, a Japanese unit that did unthinkable things with the Chinese soldiers. This all happened in a facility on an island. They tested chemicals on people. Severed limbs and worked them back on the opposite sides. Froze limbs and broke them with hammers to see the effect of frostbite. The songs lyrics feature excerpts from actual notes kept by the doctors/scientists.” ~ Wouter Botha

Middle finger to The Man

Of course, what metal album seems complete without at least one song dedicated to “The Man”? Maximum Carnage deliver on Blackened Sun with ‘Systems Of Control’. Additionally, Blackened Sun features the band’s first offering of an instrumental with ‘Dead’; and use of an acoustic guitar in parts.

In another subtle act of defiance, Maximum Carnage have forsaken popular industry brands in a vital matter of recording. Guitar tone! All guitars have been recorded on local Pretoria manufactured amplifier, the Kraken KT50. Everything else on Blackened Sun also reflects a truly DIY ethos; from tracking and a home-built studio through to the artwork. The only exception lays in mastering, which was sent off to the pros.

“The style on this album is a lot more melodic and groove heavy. With fast and big open parts. A lot of moshing pieces! Maximum Carnage is a live band at our core, and that has the most influence in our writing style.” ~ Wouter Botha

Pre-orders for the Blackened Sun album are selling via the band’s bandcamp page right now. Blackened Sun becomes available digitally to fans anywhere around the globe even whilst the band performs it live to Cape Town audiences. For Capetonians attending‘s WinterFest’17, don’t miss Maximum Carnage at 20h00 this Saturday. Link to the facebook event page here.

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