Maximum Carnage: ‘Blackened Sun’ single out now

Maximum Carnage 2016 press by Henk Steyn
Maximum Carnage, photo by Henk Steyn Photography

Pretoria, South Africa: from a city which has long enjoyed a solid tradition in good old fashioned Death Metal, Maximum Carnage has been forging it’s path since 2009. The band is steadily gaining momentum through tours and releases. Today, the metal quartet releases it’s album version of the first single from it’s forthcoming debut full length. The song reflects the album title: Blackened Sun.

Blackened Sun single

As portrayed in the coming album’s artwork, created by friend of the band, Cobus Muller:

“‘Blackened Sun’, the title track, is basically a reminder that when the earth has had enough of us it will set Armageddon in motion. Volcanoes, floods, earthquakes; these will then cleanse the earth. ‘Blackened Sun’ describes a scenario where the sun is eclipsed and ashes cover the sky, removing all traces of light. Light equals life.” ~ Wouter Botha (guitars, Maximum Carnage)

Wouter says that fans must expect a significant change coming with the new album. In particular, Maximum Carnage is exploring a big shift in it’s lyrical approach; a departure from the typical “guts and gore” often attached to the genre of Death Metal. He emphasizes that the music remains focused on grave topics, but those which shift away from fantasy and into real life.

“We decided to take on real concepts and ideas which exist around us. The fact that these have a lot more meaning to our lives. When it’s real, it’s a lot more scary.” ~ Wouter Botha

With ‘Blackened Sun’ now available for sampling, Wouter did not offer us a final release date for the Blackened Sun album. He said only that a date for a 2017 release will be announced soon. However, he also promised that a new single will appear in approximately two weeks time and, in the meantime, pre-orders can be placed for Blackened Sun which will also be available as a hard copy. Book yours now!

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