Maximum Carnage firing up for new album

Maximum Carnage press 2015

Death metal has always been a genre in stronger supply from the South African city of Pretoria, with bands like the legendary Architecture Of Aggression (1995-2011) having come from there, which makes it worth keeping an eye on. Another band from the area, which is probably one of South Africa’s more underrated acts in our view, Maximum Carnage, have got big plans afoot to increase their reach over the next year.

This groove-laden death metal band, now in their sixth year, have got an impressive resume to date for which they receive not enough credit. Some highlights include: an extensive national tour alongside Egyptian metal band Anarchy in 2013; a trip to perform in Mozambique in 2014; a holding in the South African finals of the Wacken Metal Battle in 2014; an electric appearance at M4A‘s WinterFest’14; plus a number of further tours undertaken by the band. Maximum Carnage told us a little about their plans for the immediate future.

“We are pretty far along with writing for our first full-length album. That will be recorded around November and December for release next year. We will be launching it with tours to include Mozambique, Botswana, and Europe.” ~ Wouter Botha (guitars, Maximum Carnage)

In the meantime, the band has provided a live video play-through on a track from their Just Die EP, titled ‘I Wait For The Night’ to mark the announcement. It was filmed by Muvi Music Portraits, at the studio where the band rehearses and also recorded both of their earlier EPs.

“We did it in a single take and it’s one hundred percent live. We wanted to do something professional that shows how we jam live, and that isn’t a cellphone video of a dark venue with terrible sound.” ~ Wouter Botha

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