Megalodon: ‘Illusion of Origin’ out today

Cape Town, South Africa: djent-metal band Megalodon has released it’s brand new album today. Illusion of Origin, released via Burning Tone Records, follows the band’s 2013 debut with Darkness in Sonance.

The Illusion of Origin

Megalodon recently spoke about the context of the new album, and it’s continuation of ideas explored in the first one. Vocalist Thomas Theron described a rich spritualesque sci-fi theme, exploring Earth’s past and future within the lyrics. Bringing the project to fruition has taken time, however, and some explanation was offered by another band member:

“When we started with the new lineup this year, we knew that 2017 was going to be the year we’ll be ready for the next chapter in Megalodon. We knew that our second album would come out. And as we always say in Megalodon, the stars are aligning for us again. It’s a term that goes back to the very first few months of this bands’ existence. And so far, this year has seen a kind of natural progression. The exact date for the release of ‘Illusion of Origin’ depended on two things; If we didn’t win Wacken Metal Battle South Africa or if we did win Wacken Metal Battle South Africa. Thanks to the latter, the release date was dotted down to 07.07.2017.” ~ Louis Henn (guitar, Megalodon)

Louis, as the studio engineer behind the project, worked on the recording of Illusion of Origin over the December holiday of 2016 while on annual leave. He describes having used an experimental quad-tracking method to get a massive tone, and changing guitar strings every two songs so as to maintain absolute clarity and tonality. A little-known fact of the previous album was that bass guitar had been programmed, though the band would have none of that for this time around, taking the required time to do it right.

“Since the recording of the musical aspects were completed in December, this gave us some time to get additional effects incorporated and for Thomas to do his magic with the lyrical content.” ~ Louis Henn

Production credits are attributed to Louis Henn and his Burning Tone Studio. The artwork for Illusion of Origin was delivered by Vinci Innovative Design, which is the same artist who has created imagery for all of the band’s singles releases in the last four years.

“We feel that it’s important to build and maintain a bridge with an artist who knows the band’s mission, vision and how to portray that. Since we eventually gave our giant monster buddha a name – Bhuul (pictured on the cover of ‘Darkness in Sonance’) – purpose and lore in the Megalodon universe, the creature on the cover of ‘Illusion of Origin’ is known as Khrosis. It’s a biomechanical bacteria that inhabits massive collosal entities like Bhuul and acts as its spies. They thrive off of habitable planets due to the increased nutritional value. There is an easter egg hidden in the art which puts an immense spin on the album title as well as the artwork itself and, when found, will definitely have people debating over the meaning.” ~ Louis Henn

Megalodon live in concert

Megalodon‘s next live performance in home-town, Cape Town will be at‘s annual WinterFest’17. The band is scheduled to close the show as it’s live album launch performance on Saturday 29 July. On 30 July, the band leaves for Germany where it will appear at the 2017 Wacken Open Air festival, representing South Africa in the international Wacken Metal Battle. In September, Gauteng residents can see Megalodon live at Krank’d Up Music Festival in September along with two international headliners, Memphis May Fire (USA) and Intervals (Canada).

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