Megalodon release their single: Gravaton

Megalodon Gravaton 10-08-2015

In South Africa, brutal doesn’t sleep! Today, Cape Town’s ironically futuristic 8-string wielding “shark from the past” have released their first single since ‘Sky Burial’ (article here) in July 2014 with the brand new song: ‘Gravaton’. This marks the third breadcrumb to date on the trail leading fans towards the follow-up to Megalodon‘s 2013 debut release Darkness In Sonance. As early as 2013, we were treated to ‘Apex'(article here) and ‘Obliteration By Incorporation’ in April of 2014 (article here), which were already harbingers to the coming sonic storm. We pursued Megalodon to find out more about the current track.

“There was a little debate whether we wanted to make it graviton – as in the particle – or gravaton, which is our own concept of the term. After some discussion we opted for ‘Gravaton’.” ~ Louis Henn (guitars, Megalodon)

Louis went on to explain that how parts of the lyrics hint towards the graviton particle and it’s supposed purpose, there is a more complex theme at work in the song.

“Gravaton is basically the nemesis of Bhuul, the Mach-Lord seen on the front cover of our Darkness in Sonance debut. Where Bhuul destroys planets, Gravaton heals and/or creates matter. This is what we tried to depict in the artwork. A group of etherial beings summoning Gravaton to rebuild matter. In a previously released track ‘Obliteration by Incorporation’ (see release here), there is a lyric “Seek the contributors, their ideas are our reality”. The cloaked figures on the Gravaton art, are the group known as “The Contributors”. This should give fans an idea of the fictional universe we’re creating and how it is depicted by the band.” ~ Louis Henn

This ‘teaser’ arrival heralds the next tangible sign of djent-groove “terror” metal band Megalodon‘s forthcoming album, first announced in this article a few weeks ago.

“We call them ‘teaser singles’ because they might change significantly and/or get dropped entirely. However, it is stand-alone in the sense that it’s the start of the second half of the writing process for our next full-length. There are two other unreleased tracks which we feel are not “single material”, as it would give away the surprise-factor we want our listeners to experience when they first listen to our next album.” ~ Louis Henn

In closing Louis hinted that a further two tracks are likely to come to surface before completion of the album and it’s consequent release, expected – but not promised – in 2016, as the band takes the time they need to complete their next masterpiece.

Feel the terror!

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