Megalodon: ‘Sanctum’ single available now

Megalodon 2017 press picture
Megalodon: image courtesy of Henk Steyn Photography

Cape Town, South Africa: the South African national representative for Wacken Metal Battle 2017, Megalodon, is in the process of rolling out it’s launch for a long awaited follow-up album to it’s 2013 Darkness In Sonance delivery. With the all-new Illusion of Origin due in only two weeks, Megalodon makes it’s first single available for purchase today with ‘Sanctum’.

“From a musical perspective I think ‘Sanctum’ is the song that really represents the most elements that can be expected throughout the album. It’s got rhythm, drive, technicality, melody; and it doesn’t drag on for too long. It’s all bundled into a neat explosive package.” ~ Louis Henn (guitars, Megalodon)

We also spoke with the frontman of the Djent-infused Metal Monster. We wanted to snatch up a little more of Megalodon‘s theme, considering a video announcement presented to fans by the band earlier in May (below).

“Lyrically, we’ve been exploring our own mythos of the universe. Its a subtle continuation of ‘Darkness in Sonance’. ‘Sanctum’ explores our own earthly origins from a dark cosmic past, which is answered through the rest of the album. We as humans neglect to see the bigger scope and scale of things around us. We tend to just be safe in our own little sanctum.” ~ Thomas Theron (vocals, Megalodon)

Illusion of Origin and upcoming live shows by Megalodon

Illusion of Origin will arrive to Planet Earth on Friday 7 July via various online platforms. Cape Town metallers can catch Megalodon live at‘s annual WinterFest’17 on 29 July (visit the official event page here). This show is the day before Megalodon departs to Germany to compete at the international Wacken Metal Battle 2017. Therefore, the performance will also serve as a local send-off. For Gauteng metallers, an opportunity also exists to catch the band live at Krank’d Up 2017 at Sundowners in Alberton on 30 September. Megalodon will be supporting Animals As Leaders and Memphis May Fire along with other top SA acts.