Megalodon Seeking The Apex Of Metal


Megalodon from Cape Town have created a stir across the land with the 2013 release of their full length debut Darkness In Sonance. As yet, they are the only band in the scene which we at M4A are aware of who play 8-string guitars, which solves the mystery of their inexplicable heaviness on stage; especially in venues with great sound and proper low-end.

To keep fans engaged since the release, they have just posted a new track titled ‘Apex’ available for streaming. We asked Louis Henn of Megalodon for a summary on what to expect from new material, to which his response was:

“We always knew that our debut album, Darkness in Sonance, will become the anchor and/or cornerstone of the band’s evolution going forward. Of course, the first album of any band will always be filled with references and influences to favorite artists, etc. But for us, what mattered is that we enjoy whatever we as a band come up with. There is always this hiatus after a release and creativity seems to come to a stand still. However, one thing that we do well is we experiment alot. And it is through experimenting that we find areas to go into. You eventually become lost in your own experiments and the outside world becomes nothing more than a void you want to become separated from. To us, we felt that no matter what you put out, there’s a void out there ready to consume and drain your every effort. As musical creators, how would we overcome this? Choosing to live a life of solitude and not listening to any music but your own experiments. To build on what comes within rather than outside. To not feed the wolves something they can chew on for as long as they can, but rather something they do not have a big enough jaw to bite into. Of course the generic generalisation and naming of all things, and the increase of online opinions of our music played a major role. But like water off of a duck’s back, there was no stopping what we love doing. ‘Apex’ crawled out from the darkest corners. We always try to envision monstrous scenarios or terrifying stories and plots. This combined with the will to display our diversity, sparked a chain of events that would eventually lead to Apex. It is a showcase of a direction we are now dabbling in and we’re loving every moment of it.”

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