Megalodon treat fans to a ‘Sky Burial’


Cape Town’s djent-inspired and self-proclaimed “terror metal” act Megalodon have released a new single today, titled ‘Sky Burial’, in advance of their Gauteng tour later in August.

The band, who have only visited Gauteng once before as one of the 2013 Wacken Metal Battle South African finalists, will be returning to that region at the end of August along with fellow Capetonian metallers Messiah Complex. Megalodon released the track today, ‘Sky Burial’, which also features guest vocals with Messiah Complex frontman, Alex Wiese.

“We’ve always wanted to do a collaboration song with Alex because he’s got a very heavy-toned voice; a vocal tone which is quite popular today with death metal and deathcore bands. Having said that, the lyrics were written before the music was written so it gave me a good base to start from. We stepped away from the traditional Megalodon sound for a more blended core sound to accommodate both vocals styles. Listeners can expect something different, but still true to our textbook heavy sound.” ~ Louis Henn (guitarist, Megalodon)

“‘Sky Burial’, lyrically, is also the first Megalodon song to stray away from our norm. It’s about a Tibetan burial ritual. These holy men live high up in the mountains, where bodies can’t be buried underground, due to lack of decomposers and the fact that it attracts predators. So in a strange, yet beautiful way, they offer the bodies to vultures, which they consider to be sacred animals. It is the concept of the circle of life which I find appealing. ~ Thomas Theron (vocalist, Megalodon)

The Gauteng tour, labelled The Carcharodon Voyage, will see the Cape Town visitors performing alongside the likes of Bile Of Man, Bleeding Spawn, Boargazm, Displeased Disfigurement, Surdus and The Drift including the dates of 28, 29 and 30 August 2014 at various Gauteng venues. See full details at the tours facebook event page, and tickets can be purchased via computicket.

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