Metal for all-ages returns to Cape Town

18 Till I Die flyer

On April 11th of this year, the fresh live events promotion brand The Unscene kicked of their first in a series of all-age metal/alternative shows in Cape Town. Labeled 18 Till I Die, the series marks an important step in the sub-culture movement, since all avenues to young markets in this city have remained more or less closed for some years now.

With the second 18 Till I Die taking place this weekend at the same venue, ROAR at 299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, we contacted the organizer at The Unscene. We wanted to find out what this task took of him and what challenges he might face in venturing where few have dared in recent years.

“Well, to be honest, most of it has not felt like ‘effort’ at all. In many ways I see this as just an extension of myself and what I’ve always felt was needed in Cape Town in the last few years. Having said that, there are moments when it does become a bit much, but thankfully I’m surrounded by some really amazing people who are always willing to help or ease the load.” ~ Zain Domo (event coordinator, The Unscene)

Zain explains how, going into arranging the first show, he didn’t know how people would respond until the day. He claims success, however, leading the way to a second chapter and hopefully many more to follow.

“With the right date, enough time and a bit of zip, I do feel that these type events could make a good dent in the recent decline of young alternative individuals in the area.” ~ Zain Domo

He describes how some of the major differences between the first event and the one taking place this weekend are that this time around he has had more than two months to research, approach bands, advertise, and promote the event; whereas the first event went live less than a month before the actual date.

“We’ve also had the time to approach and partner up with sponsors like Red Bull and Heavy Metal Panic, and even scoring an awesome album hamper from the generous boys at Burning Tone Records.” ~ Zain Domo

We challenged Zain to comment on his own view of whether parents would be open-minded to his events, citing safety and other concerns. His response was confident.

“I don’t see this as an issue at all. The venue itself is as safe as any other local club – if not more so, since there will be no sales of liquor – and has hosted a variety of shows over its fourteen-plus year history, including electro events, birthday parties, and hosting some of the most influential bands and musicians in the country with minimal fuss and incident. There will be two able-bodied bouncers stationed at the entrances, at least six helpful staff members throughout the venue who are adopting the owners no-nonsense attitude toward troublemakers. The owner himself will also be on the premises throughout the evening. The doors are always open to any concerned parents, however, and we welcome them to come in and at least check out the environment for themselves – if not to stay and enjoy this exhibition of Cape Town’s most talented bands and the celebration of today’s youth.” ~ Zain Domo

And so indeed some may, we hope! This weekend’s event features a great line-up spanning across a plethora of sub-genres. It includes the bands (in running order): No.15, DevilSpeak, Conduit, With Dawn, Terminatryx, Ohgod and Bulletscript. The live music will begin at 17h30 and continue until midnight. Full event details can be viewed at the official facebook event page.

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