Metal From Botswana in South Africa

Courtesy of a partnership between Metal4Africa and Emalyth, South African metal heads are in for a unique heavy metal experience this weekend as Overthrust make their way across the border from Botswana. The band are based out of a dusty town in the west of Botswana called Ghanzi, also often referred to as The Capital of The Kalahari, and are making their first venture outside of their home country by hitting Gauteng on Thursday (31 Jan) and Friday (01 Feb) before jetting down to Metal4Africa’s own SummerFest’13 event in Stellenbosch this weekend.

Overthrust play a rough blend of old school death metal crossed with their African heritage.
“This is the first time these guys are travelling abroad,” said Patrick Davidson, event coordinator for Metal4Africa’s SummerFest ’13, “and I think that our own excitement must pale compared to theirs.” It has been interesting to observe the role which Botswanan metal musicians assume in society. So unique is their approach to heavy metal sub-culture that the region has attracted news agencies from the USA and Netherlands, including CNN, who have sent reporters to give first-hand accounts. 
“By all accounts, it appears as though many Botswanan metalheads have taken on the role of guardians in their local communities,” Patrick told us, “and when Overthrust organize a gig in Ghanzi, it becomes a whole weekend affair which includes litter clean-ups, car and motorcycle washing for fund-raising, and donating that along with their earnings from the show to their local orphanage. These are humble guys with strong character, and it seems that they manage to get the bulk of their supporters involved too.”

Of course, the shows will not be complete without a strong contingent of locals on the bill. At Roodepoort on 31 January, they will be joined by Boargazm and Oculus Ouboros, and on Friday at Wolmer by All Of Eternity, Touched By Nausea and Demogoroth Satanum.
In Cape Town, they will join up with Infanteria, Suiderbees, The Warinsane, Bulletscript, Moment Of Clarity, Messiah Complex, Sadistic Dementia and My Dark Fugue.

Official event pages on Facebook:

Thursday 31 January at Rumours in Roodepoort (Gauteng)
Friday 01 February at Wolmer Bush lounge in Wolmer (Gauteng)
Saturday 02 February at SummerFest’13 in Stellenbosch (Cape Town)

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