Metalhead Word-lovers: A call to unite!

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Cape Town, South Africa: If you are located in or nearby this city, plus have a passion for documenting things and Heavy Metal or Hard Rock, then we need you for a few hours on Saturday 21 May and/or Saturday 16 July and/or Saturday 19 November. The invitation is open to any members of the public, and including writers and contributors from other publications who share our interest in words and exciting music.

As part of our decennial milestone celebrations for 2016, we are co-hosting a Wikipedia workshop and edit-a-thon at the Cape Town Central Library on the mentioned dates from 09h00 to 16h00 (including a substantial lunch/social break). The focus will be South African Metal and noteworthy artists, and we need some fingers on keyboards.

Computer Keyboard

Why is metal4africa doing this?

What is not often publicized nearly enough is the purpose and motivation behind this website. We exist to document the accomplishments of local Metal (and affiliated) artists and other operatives who keep the culture alive and healthy in our region of the world. Furthermore, we exist to publicize a culture and community which mainstream media in this country ignores or ridicules. We are effectively putting the proverbial “better foot forward”.

The operation of this website is privately funded by a small membership (True Believers) of fellow metalheads who believe in the merits of this objective, and we stay largely away from paid advertising so as to maintain the integrity of our content and our mission.

The motivation behind our work is to provide credible information and a verifiable resource for online giants such as Wikipedia, Google, and Google’s little-explored and locally under-utilized ‘Knowledge Graph’ tool. As more and more of the world gets to know that Metal exists here, we need to be able to show them our legacy as a community and a culture, and to keep those artists and operatives who lead the charge more visible to all whose eyes may settle on these shores.

What if I want to get involved?

You are most welcome. The library has got (limited) Apple Macbook computers and also wi-fi access for those who wish to bring their own computers. Although the hours will take up most of the day (09h00 until 16h00), nobody is obliged to stay longer than they are able to. Others are welcome to arrive later, although we would appreciate to get a gauge on how many people plan to join us. We don’t need big numbers. We would prefer a smaller group with a focused attention. If you are interested, please get into contact with Patrick Davidson and check out how the 21 May edit-a-thon on Wikipedia.

If you are unable to help by attending, please support this initiative by sharing.


If you would rather just celebrate with us at a party, join and share our WinterFest’16 official facebook event page or check out the detailed press release.

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