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Port Elizabeth, South Africa: the emotive progressive metallers Mezzanine Floor prepare themselves this week for the launch of their next full length album with the eleven-track Architecture Of Aeons on Saturday 03 September. The launch concert at Pool City in Port Elizabeth will mark the closing of an almost two-year chapter with the creation cycle, as well as a kick-off point for the band’s Architecture Of Aeons Tour. The tour will then proceed to the city of Cape Town for two shows and another at nearby Stellenbosch in the days following.

Although dates for other parts of the country have not yet been specified, the band is also promising to promote the album with visits to KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng. Mezzanine Floor will perform Architecture Of Aeons in it’s entirety at each date, thus living up to the namesakes of the tour in absolute truth. Being a conceptual and artistically vibrant metal band is something we have grown to expect from Mezzanine Floor, not only in their music, but in how they approach all aspects of being a band.

“We’ve done a run of CD prints and, personally, I think they are exquisite! Our very talented friend, Simon Subrosa, handled the artwork again on this one and absolutely nailed the marriage of the visual theme with our concept.” ~ Dylan van der Merwe (guitar/backing vocals, Mezzanine Floor)

Dylan explained how this latest offering has been a very special project to the band members in the sense that it has been self-produced at every level, with drummer Kyle Allen shouldering the bulk of production responsibilities. The band went into a three-month hibernation to record, following eighteen months of writing, refining and rehearsing, which Dylan describes as having been the toughest thing they had ever done as a band.

“We basically converted our jam room into a recording studio and virtually lived there for the full period of the recording, arriving in the evenings from our day jobs, working till the early hours of the morning and getting up and doing it all over again the next day.” ~ Dylan van der Merwe

In spite of the Architecture Of Aeons Tour kicking off officially on Saturday, it will begin informally on Friday 02 September already with a show in nearby Jeffrey’s Bay, and featuring capetonian touring partners Subject To Slaughter and Atlantic South. However, Saturday’s – and the following dates – significance will be highlighted by availability of the album for purchase, plus the band’s live play-through.

“We were down a couple of months ago to support Subject to Slaughter for their launch and it was fantastic. We are so fortunate to have our friends in these incredible Cape Town bands helping us out to make the events and the mini tour for the launch such grand events. It’s a very exciting time!” ~ Dylan van der Merwe

Architecture Of Aeons Tour: dates

Saturday 03 September @ Pool City, Port Elizabeth
Thursday 08 September @ The Rabbit Hole, Durbanville (Cape Town)
Friday 09 September @ ROAR, Observatory (Cape Town)
Saturday 10 September @ Aandklas, Stellenbosch

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Mezzanine Floor 2016 Architecture Of Aeons