Mezzanine Floor: Architecture Of Aeons out now

Mezzanine Floor 2016 Architecture Of Aeons

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: local metal/progressive band Mezzanine Floor have released their second full-length album Architecture Of Aeons this weekend with a live launch at Pool City on Saturday, and a digital launch on Sunday 04 September. The album is now available for purchase in digital and hardcopy format.

“The weekend was a massive success! The night of the launch was brilliant, just absolutely flawless performances from all three bands, plus great response and lots of merch sales. We could not be happier.” ~ Dylan van der Merwe (guitar/backing vocals, Mezzanine Floor)

The album was self-produced in it’s entirety, with even the artwork being created by a close friend of the band, the esteemed Simon Subrosa. Dylan explained to us a little behind the album’s concept and creation which, as with everything from Mezzanine Floor, seems to be an artistically enriching experience.

“There has always been an interest from the start of the band to write concept albums and, towards the end of the Feed the Machine album. We were dabbling even more with the idea since tracks like ‘The Monocle’, which is about finding an enchanted object which allows you to see the true form of the universe and people’s true forms as death and debris when you look through it; and so and so forth. So, from the beginning of this one we took a slightly different approach. We mapped out our story board, threw around some ideas, broke it up into chapters and then I went off and wrote the story and a collection of acoustic pieces loosely based on The Odyssey and similar mythological tales; but also used that as a front for a deeper spiritual story about the quest for self discovery. We then proceeded to construct the creature. There are three chapters which are essentially the rise, the fall, and the ascension of the main character, with each chapter reflecting a specific sound to match the setting and the emotion of it; with each song flowing into each other and reading like a book with the interludes acting as chapter breaks. The album title just perfectly matched the combination of both concepts in that like this character we are constantly building towards the next step within ourselves and that quest is a never ending one. Architecture of Aeons.” ~ Dylan van der Merwe

With the Port Elizabeth home-town launch now taken care of, Mezzanine Floor set their attention towards Cape Town and Stellenbosch where they will appear later in this week and over the weekend. There, they will offer Capetonians the proper launch experience by performing the entire album live. Other parts of the country have been promised dates too, although none have been revealed as of yet.

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