Mind Assault announce new album with fresh demo

Mind Assault - Prys Die Vaderland

For all of their live activity, Cape Town metal legends Mind Assault have surprisingly little recorded material to show after almost twelve years of active duty. Releases to date include their 2005 Social Engineering EP, the 2008 Stigma full length album, and a 2011 Metal Rites EP. Apart from those, only a handful of demos have reached public ears. Today, the band has released a new demo track and committed themselves to not rest again until a full album has been completed.

“We started out very ambitious and released that first EP within our first year. We should have spent more time finding our feet and our own sound though; but when you’re young, nothing happens fast enough! We also didn’t watch and learn from that first recording. We were enjoying the party and still mostly fooling around in those years. We’re much more focused now, and we’re ready to commit again.” ~ Donovan Tose (bass guitar, Mind Assault)

With that, we were told that Mind Assault, appearing next weekend at metal4frica‘s WinterFest’15 in Cape Town, will use that performance to punctuate a new era in the band’s story.

“We’re planning a monster show, featuring a lot more of what people can expect when the new album drops. A lot of the newer material is a far cry from where we started out, and musically, the album will audibly transcend three phases of Mind Assault: where we come from; where we are at, and; where we are headed. We recently got the demo of ‘Prys Die Vaderland’ back from Bobby Addison, our old pal from Ill System who is now involved in other levels of the industry and production. It’s a simpler, thrashier song which perfectly represents our roots, and that is a side of Mind Assault we never want to let die, no matter what direction we find ourselves on now or in the future. This demo features just rough vocal tracks but we’re loving how Bobby has translated our sound into a mix.” ~ Donovan Tose

When asked about an album title or expected release date, Donovan could only tell us:

“Being an independent release, I don’t want to jinx it, but with any luck it’ll be named and released within this year still.” ~ Donovan Tose

The ‘Prys Die Vaderland’ demo was released this morning as a part of the WinterFest’15 free sampler album, featuring something from all of the bands who will be performing at the festival in Cape Town next weekend (see full event details here).

“‘Prys Die Vaderland’ is a song about not being ashamed of ones cultural identity. In the world we live in, there are a lot of people and groups who are forced to feel bad about who they naturally are by definition of birth, and for no good or relevant reason except, usually, for political upperhand by somebody else. This song happens to take the viewpoint of the South African Afrikaaner, but was written from that viewpoint because our vocalist could express the concept best in his own cultural identity. Our intent behind it is to speak for any language or cultural group; to acknowledge your people’s history and to accept where it has brought you to stand today, and to decide how you wish to write your future. The chorus line ‘Staan op vir jou taal’ translates: ‘Stand up for your language’, with language being the strongest anchor in any cultural identity.” ~ Donovan Tose

Mind Assault will be on stage at 22h30 at The Assembly on 08 August for WinterFest’15.

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