Mind Assault Call ‘Mag Verkrag’


Cape Town heavyweights Mind Assault have pitched a new track written in the Afrikaans language titled ‘Mag Verkrag’. Directly translated, the title would be ‘Power Rape’, but in the context of the title it translates into meaning ‘a grievous personal violation perpetrated by those entrusted with power’. Mind Assault are well-known for taking stabs at political figures who have fallen into disrepute, or offering commentary on situations arising from the acts of oppressive authoritarians.

“We don’t mean that by having written this song in Afrikaans that it should specifically be just an Afrikaaner viewpoint, or even a South African viewpoint. This song is written in a language most eloquent and expressive to the lyricist, and to speak on behalf of a global community who has been cheated out of better quality of living by authoritarians who lust for greater power and wealth.  It is not a new problem.  However, the theme does appear very fitting to our country at this exact point in time, with the so-called Secrecy Bill lingering over our heads even at a time of celebrating Madiba’s legacy, and at a time when our own president is immersed in scandal with his private property in Nkandla being declared a National Key Point to hide the ridiculous amount of expenditure of tax payers money on it. This is a song which we feel should speak from the hearts of all South Africans” ~ Patrick Davidson (guitarist)

When asked about when a new album could be expected from Mind Assault since their 2011 release of Metal Rites, we were told that no new album should be expected any time soon owing to difficulties with funding.

“As with most independent bands, we’ve been battling with money. We spent a lot on Metal Rites to use as a learning curve for the future album, and since then we’ve just not been able to raise the required amount. This is not a task we can take on again as an independent.  We took a decision at the end of last year that for the meantime, we will release our new music to fans as self-produced demo material, one song at a time and as they become available.” ~ Patrick Davidson

The possibility of future albums has not been ruled out completely, but patience will be required all around. In the meantime, fans can catch Mind Assault live on tour with The Drift and Lamb Of God later this month in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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