Mind Assault Finally Admit Their Affinity for Boobs

Anybody who has seen Mind Assault perform live would know that the band has their more lighthearted and quirky side which contrasts quite strongly against their mostly dark and serious lyrical content contained in all material released to date. Fans have been treated to anything from metallized nursery rhymes; to the Power Rangers theme song and even the odd Dethklok cover spliced into live sets. This time the band has come forward with a self-produced, single release of a recent inclusion to their live set (first performed at WinterFest’12) called “Tiete”.

“We feel that a song like this will never really fit on a Mind Assault album,” said Donovan, the band’s bassist, “but we liked it too much to throw away; and it seems that most people remember the words from just one or two shows, so we might as well release it as a single.”

The song was released in the early hours of this morning and has already seen some heavy traffic. We wish the clan at Mind Assault all the best for circulation of the single, and their upcoming performance on the Red Heart Stage at RAMfest Johannesburg. Rumor also has it that this track is part of a warm-up cycle for the recording of a new full-length album to surface later this year or early in 2014 although the band remains tight-lipped about the process.

Listen to “Tiete” below:

See the RAMfest JHB Facebook event for full details.