Mind Assault to appear live in Romania: Rockstadt 2016

Mind Assault headed to Rockstadt
Mind Assault live at Cape Town City Hall, 2014

South African thrash-infused melodic death metallers, Mind Assault, are headed to Romania in August to perform at the 2016 edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest. The festival in 2016 will be achieving it’s fourth year milestone, already having grown into the most anticipated metal festival in the burgeoning Romanian extreme metal scene since its establishment in 2013. We contacted the festival to learn more about their story.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest

“We are still a young festival and we try to improve things every year. Romania is a place full of excitement and challenges when it comes to having a music festival, so pushing yourself to do better every year is a thrilling experience.” ~ Stefan (Rockstadt Extreme Fest)

With Rockstadt already firmly established as a club/venue, Stefan describes the steady growth of the festival as not being too surprising. He believes that the team behind it are dedicated towards creating a healthy growth ratio, taking everything step-by-step.

“Although we are a small festival compared to what events are taking place in August, we try to focus on providing a diverse and international line-up, always sticking on the idea of bringing bands that never played Romania before, and focusing on the quality of the live performance and the music itself.” ~ Stefan


International character

In addition to South Africa’s Mind Assault, Rockstadt Extreme Fest will feature other international and Romanian artists such as Alestorm (UK), Benediction (UK), Borknagar (NO), Bucovina (ROM), Carach Angren (NL), Cattle Decapitation (USA), Clitcore (RO), Destruction (DE), Excrementory Grindfuckers (DE), Gutted (HU), Hocico (MEX), Indian Fall (ROM), Infest (SER), Insomnium (FIN), Misfits (USA), My Dying Bride (UK), Parkway Drive (AU) and TesseracT (UK). More are still to be announced.

“We have bands from all sorts of genres: black metal; death metal; thrash metal; metalcore; industrial; post-metal; folk metal; punk. We have bands performing from far away corners of the world, and having a band from Africa is a very special and exciting moment. We believe in the potential of smaller acts, no matter where they come from, so every year we try to come up with some interesting underground bands.” ~ Stefan

Rockstadt Extreme Fest takes place at Rasnov, nearby the city of Brașov, in legendary Transylvania. The organizers are encouraging the festival to serve as an attraction for international holiday makers too. Nestled in the magical Carpathian Mountains, they can boast some of the most beautiful forested surroundings for a festival, and within easy reach of many attractions such as Dracula’s Castle (see more here), a dinosaur park (see more here), A bear sanctuary (see more here), Rasnov Castle (see more here) and various historical landmarks. Not least of all, one can also look forward to cheap beer and other relatively low costs attached to domestic travel and accommodation in the region.

“I guess it’s these kind of things, together with the festival itself, that draws more and more people from outside Romania, looking for an entertaining music event combined with Transylvania, one of the most awesome places in Europe.” ~ Stefan

Mind Assault

For Mind Assault, this will be the band’s first trip to the European continent, courtesy of Wrath Inc (more about Wrath here). Begun in 2004, the band have performed at all – and even co-headlined some – of South Africa’s major festivals, plus have supported on stages including the likes of Aborted, Belphegor, Bring Me The Horizon, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Kataklysm and Lamb Of God. The band have often been credited as standing high among the national leaders of live entertainment within the extreme metal genres.

“I personally am very interested to see Mind Assault performing live as I want to find out how metal music is approached in such a far away place, what are the inspirations, and the state of mind driving the music. I’m very sure this will be a cool performance and the crowd will react the same. After all, metal has no boundaries, and this is one of the main goals.” ~ Stefan

Full details and updates, as well as tickets, can be acquired vie the festival’s official website.

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