Mind Assault taking on political flack

Cape Town Thrash/Death Metallers Mind Assault have long been known to take jabs at local and global politics.  Oppressive policies by governments and institutions are one of the bands key sources of lyrical inspiration and have sometimes landed the band in hot water.  It is now again that Mind Assault finds itself on the receiving end of attack because of the open stance they have taken against the recently proclaimed Protection of Information Bill by the South African ruling party, the African National Congress.  National media reports that the ANC, in a brazen display of force, used it’s power of Parliamentary majority to vote in the bill and sought to ‘discipline’ even it’s own Parliamentary members who might have felt reason to oppose it – of which there were a number.

We in Mind Assault are under attack from some individuals for exercising our freedom of expression,” a spokesperson for the band told M4A, “but this sort of thing only strengthens our resolve.”  The band claims not to be pushing their agenda along racial divides as a recent facebook attack has suggested.  “This band is not trying to speak against people innocent of any moral violation, regardless of skin colour.  We are telling the story of our beloved South Africa as it is seen through our own eyes.  At the present, there is a villian who seeks to rob all of this nations people of their right to know how their country is being run, and how their tax money is being spent.  That people anywhere around the world should be put to work under the power of anonymous masters who hold to zero accountability is paramount to slavery,” says Mind Assault, “And if this band was in existence twenty years ago, then we might have had a few things to say about a different government as well.”

Despite the potential for a backlash, the band holds by their protest of the Protection of Information Bill and the political party who has propogated it.  They have told us at M4A that they plan to use their next performance to bring this message across with even greater voracity than their ‘South Africa Betrayed’ image which has appeared on the bands page, and on many supporters facebook pages since Black Tuesday on 22 November 2011.  In the past, Mind Assault has been known to ‘tell their stories’ in a most entertaining yet often stirring manner.  They offered no hint as to what the public can expect, saying that people would just have to be there if they were interested enough in the subject.

This next performance is scheduled for appearance at the Rock The River music festival near Cape Town over New Years weekend.  Mind Assault are advertised to perform at approximately 21:30 on the Metal Stage on Sunday 01 January 2012. We at M4A suspect that this is one not to be missed!

Rock The River facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/284358398259139/

Mind Assault facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mindassault

More info about the Protection of Information Bill: http://www.r2k.org.za