In Misery: All Things Dead EP released

In Misery 2018 All Things Dead

Johannesburg, South Africa: Hate City’s darkling darlings from In Misery return with All Things Dead; the band’s first new music since its 2016 The Absence Of Light album.

All Things Dead

The current release is a seven-track EP featuring a number of new songs, a remix, and a live rendition of an older song. It follows as a smaller collection after In Misery’s first two offerings being full length albums; first with Within Depths Of The Heart in 2012, and The Absence Of Light in 2016. The present release is definitely not a sign of the band losing momentum:

“There is definitely enough material in our vaults to put out ten albums if we wanted to, nonetheless we do feel that releasing songs all the time would dilute the impact. Rather we spend more time away and come back stronger each time… The ‘All Things Dead’ EP is more of a transitional phase until the next full length arrives.” ~ Calvyn (vocals/multi-instrumentalist, In Misery)

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In Misery, whilst previously being largely a side project, is gearing up for some more noteworthy activity in the live space following this release. The band made a high impact appearance at The Freakquency Transmission in Johannesburg earlier in 2018.

“The Freakquency Transmission gig has been the first show in a long time actually. We have a few more coming up within the next few months. To be honest, things were moving fairly slowly for In Misery. I am involved in many projects and bands, so free time become a luxury. It’s only now where we are really getting out of the box.” ~ Calvyn

The stunning cover art was created by local creative, Nepenthe Ohm. Recording, mixing and mastering by Calvyn and Allen Purkiss at Dreamlab Studios in Johannesburg.

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In Misery 2018 live by J Schutte 01
In Misery, live at The Freakquency Transmission: image by Jacques Schutte
In Misery 2018 live by J Schutte 02
In Misery, live at The Freakquency Transmission: image by Jacques Schutte