Moment Of Clarity release Embrace The Fire single

Moment Of Clarity 2015 live
Image courtesy of Ric Shields

Following an earlier teaser release (see it here) in September, Cape Town based melodic metal band Moment Of Clarity have released the first single from their upcoming full length album Transcendence today. The single, titled ‘Embrace The Fire’, embraces individualism and personal growth amidst the modern day pressures experienced in society, according to the band.

“Much like the impersonal facade of social media and the subtle reluctance to act with empathy for fear of what others may say. It’s a cry to be real and to remain true to one’s self belief.” ­~ Lindsey Russouw (vocals, Moment Of Clarity)

‘Embrace The Fire’ has been marked as a significant milestone for the band also because it is the first track originated by the band’s newest guitarist, Stephen du Plessis, as the primary songwriter since his joining in March 2014.

“It’s powerful, catchy and melodic. Just the way Moment Of Clarity likes it.” ­ Neil Bezuidenhout (guitar, Moment Of Clarity)

“‘Embrace the Fire’​ has got everything you would expect from Moment Of Clarity, ​but with a fresh approach that will resonate with fans and new listeners.” ­~ Andrew Potter (drums, Moment Of Clarity)

“I’m excited that ‘Embrace the Fire’ ​has been chosen as the first single. The band has a great working relationship and we’re super proud of the outcome of our collaboration. This will definitely be evident in Transcendence​.” ­~ Stephen du Plessis (guitar, Moment Of Clarity)

The band expresses gratitude to their fans who continue to support them, and have been patient with Moment Of Clarity whilst this new work has been prepared. Members are feeling optimistic that the new song, and indeed the entire Transcendence album, will not disappoint. The ‘Embrace the Fire’ ​single is available as from today for streaming and limited download on The full Transcendence album is expected to release within the first quarter of 2016.

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