Moment Of Clarity Herald Their Resurrection With EP Launch

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Moment Of Clarity is a name which enjoyed a prominent boost on the Cape Town live circuit with their melodic metal sound between the period 2009-2010. Since 2011 they seemed to have slipped off into a state of what might have been perceived as dormancy, whilst members became preoccupied in matters of career and family. However, nothing could be further from the truth, since in 2013 the band has slowly resurfaced; a process which has steadily been gaining momentum, and now culminating with their upcoming EP, Resurrection. As the title implies, Resurrection reflects a renewed energy and focus within Moment Of Clarity and features new material peppered in amongst revamped crowd favourites. This six-­track self­-produced EP marks the beginning of a new journey for Moment Of Clarity in terms of creative growth and career goals.

Vocalist Lindsey Roussouw had the following to say when we asked about what can be expected from Resurrection:

“Fans can expect a new direction from Moment Of Clarity. It’ still keeping it melodic but also refining our sound with something slightly heavier. The production is vastly different from our Demo EP in 2008, with the tone and vocals being what we concentrated on. Neil spent a lot of hours perfecting the guitar, bass, drum and vocal tones and we think he has produced something quite amazing!”

After pushing the boundaries in their studio (under curatorship of the band’s own lead guitarist, Neil Bezuidenhout) over the last three months, Moment Of Clarity have announced a launch date for Resurrection, taking place at The Rabbit Hole in Durbanville this Saturday (14 December 2013).  The show will feature live performances from Thread Of Omen, Arc Reactor and, of course, Moment Of Clarity who will feature tracks from the EP in their set. The EP launch has received support from a number of sponsors including Marshall Music, Edge Energy Drink and the The Rabbit Hole who have all contributed to competition prizes on the night of the event, and all will be presided over by Zone Radio’s resident Metal and Hard Rock DJ, Bryan O’pines.

Moment Of Clarity have also promised a mouth-watering offer of Resurrection merchandise, including T-­shirts and hard copy of the EP available for purchase at the launch. Merchandise is available on pre-order until 11 December 2013 via the official Facebook event page.

The Resurrection EP will available for online streaming on Spotify, Grooveshark and SoundCloud from 15 December, as well as available for digital purchase on iTunes and Amazon MP3 on 14 December.

The track “Insurmountable” was released as preview to the EP two weeks ago. If this is the first time you have heard Moment Of Clarity, give the a “like” at their own facebook page, or visit the bands own official website.

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