Monolith: Memory Palace EP out now

Monolith 2016 Memory Palace

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: darkly progressive death metal band Monolith have released their second EP with Memory Palace today, which follows thirteen months after their 2015 Legacy of The Opium Eater debut offering. As with before, Monolith pay careful attention to maintaining a conceptual theme in the delivery of their collections.

Memory Palace also follows a specific theme that threads the songs together. This EP deals with a slightly broader topic than the previous one, concentrating on time cycles; with the ending of one putting the next cycle into motion, like the transition from day into night. For the way we compile our music, we have found that linking the work to a specific theme or concept helps each new work find its own unique voice and direction instead of getting stuck with what we had done previously.” ~ Christopher Paterson (guitar / vocals, Monolith)

Of course, with one EP format already released – which is more or less standard fare for a new band to introduce itself – it is intriguing for us to see the follow up to also take an EP format, rather than to push through the whole way and deliver a full length album. We queried this:

Memory Palace was initially only meant to be a single to exist between the first EP and our full length. However, we enjoyed the musical and lyrical direction of the title track so, we decided to write a full EP. I enjoy working in the EP format as you can deliver a very focused body of material that does not lend the space to distract away from itself. Music exists in time, with each piece of work you do being a representation of that specific moment or combination of moments in time. So we try to capture as accurate a representation of the musical and lyrical theme as possible. With that being said we are close to completing the writing for the full length which we hope to release sometime next year.” ~ Christopher Paterson

With the band clearly giving massive thought towards their creative processes, including the special commission of a cover artwork by local artist Sjoerd Leistra, many have also been asking when Monolith might likely take to the stage. Both EPs were written by the core membership of Christopher and drummer David Mills. Yet it has been revealed that since August, the band has increased membership to include Andrew Viviers, also on guitar and vocals, plus Coburn Green on bass guitar and offering a third voice to the vocals for live shows coming up in the near future.

“I am very pleased with the direction the band is moving in. Dave and myself always intended for it to only be a two-man project until we could find the right members to make it a full compliment. Both new members bring a new writing dynamic and musical flair into the band, which has raised our capabilities.” ~ Christopher Paterson

The first live appearances for Monolith will be as participants in two high-caliber national events. Firstly, they will join the Port Elizabeth edition of FaceMelt Fest which sees bands mobilized to play a synchronized event in four cities on 03 December, and the second being as support for the Port Elizabeth leg of the Propelling Death national tour with The Fallen Prophets, Imperial Destruction and Bloodbarf on 12 December.

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