More local bands added to Witchfest 2016 line-up

Witchfest 2016 banner

This weekend saw two nights of metal action at the new The Iron Tusk venue in Newtown, Johannesburg, just meters away from the Bassline venue where Witchfest Urban Festival 2016 will be taking place. The significance of these shows was that, from both nights of performance, Witchfest organizers were viewing bands for selection at their 2016 installation of the festival. The international part of the line-up already includes the likes of Behemoth, Rotting Christ, The Haunted, At The Gates, Cattle Decapitation, Misery Index, Origin, Konkhra and more.

On the local front, Witchdoctor Productions have explicitly declared that no band will repeat two consecutive years, and the hunt has been on to build a line-up which can rival 2015. Already announced are Suiderbees, BloodBeast, Displeased Disfigurement, The Overmind, Wargrave and The Fallen Prophets, drawing from diverse parts of the country.

In intensifying their search, the host company sported the Friday and Saturday night events at their own sister company’s venue. The bands who took top honours in crowd voting were metalcore acolytes As We Fall from Johannesburg and the thrashy death metallers Killatoria from Pretoria.

In selections made by Witchdoctor Productions team members, the doom-sludge trio of Corax from Johannesburg made the bill, as well as symphonic black metallers Lesuth, also from Johannesburg. One final addition from that city included Riddlebreak, whose sound is described as alternative progressive metal, and were brought in as a “wildcard” selection by the organizer.

The Witchfest Urban Festival 2016 facebook event page can be found here, and tickets can be obtained directly from the Witchdoctor Productions website here.

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