More metal from Port Elizabeth: CT Tour

All We've Known

South Africa’s coastal city of Port Elizabeth have a new metal band doing the rounds, quite literally, as All We’ve Known tour to Cape Town this weekend. The band, formed in 2014, play what they describe as a melodic metal, post-hardcore and electronic hybrid, and released their first single ‘Reasons’ off their Human Nature EP recently (lyric video below).

The full EP, Human Nature, will consist of five tracks including ‘Reasons’ and is expected to be released in full before the end of this month. Recording and post production was all done at Spacebrothers Productions in Port Elizabeth, a studio consisting of Scott and Cayleigh Zambonini, also from fellow Port Elizabeth band Seeds Of Cain. On the single, an unidentified band spokesperson had the following to say:

“This song sums up why we do what we do and it was the the first song we produced as a band. The entire song relates to music being all we’ve known as musicians which, incidentally, inspired the band’s name.”

The entire album has been described as conceptualized through the outlook band members have on how and why people do certain things, and what they could do to better themselves and others. All We’ve Known will be embarking on their first tour to another city this weekend with a trip to Cape Town in support of their soon-to-be released EP.

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