My Columbine: Ritual Violence album arrives today

My Columbine 2018 Ritual Violence

Pretoria, South Africa: My Columbine releases its Ritual Violence album today. The roll-out is already under way whereby users of Google Play and iTunes can access it immediately. Services including Bandcamp, Amazon, Deezer and Spotify will deliver as the day progresses.

Ritual Violence, old chapters and new beginnings

Chatting with My Columbine previously, we learned that Ritual Violence is entirely self-produced. Also, the band is taking the opportunity to get closure on one phase of its existence so as to begin a new one. Today’s release serves as a vital step in the band’s journey of self discovery.

“We’re all absolutely elated that the album is finally out. It has been a very long time coming! This release is both the closing of a chapter and the first step towards the future of My Columbine. It means the world to us that we are finally able to share these songs – both the old and new ones – with a greater audience who have never seen us live and heard our music.” ~ Sven Borgstrom (bass guitar, My Columbine)

[bandcamp width=780 height=120 album=3022523158 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=f0dea8 tracklist=false artwork=small]

As explored in a previous interview with Sven, Ritual Violence has a thematic heart which ties in with Heavy Metal culture; however, also represents a meaning with a positive twist.

My Columbine is also offering Ritual Violence in CD format. Keep an eye out for it at future gigs!

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