Myrath are Back in the Studio

myrath-in-studio-2014Tunisian power metallers Myrath have hit the studio to record their followup to 2011’s Tales of the Sands. Earlier this month, photographs and video began surfacing on Myrath‘s Facebook page detailing the band’s exploits in Noise Firm’s studios.

The as yet untitled album will mark Myrath‘s fourth full length, adding to and already impressive discography that has reached all over the world. The album will feature live strings and vocals have already been tracked at X Fade Studio in Nanterre, France. The new album will also feature live drummer, Morgan Berthet, who has been with the band since 2011 but has yet to record on a Myrath album.

Morgan had this to say on the band’s Facebook page:

After 70 shows across the world with Myrath, i was kinda excited about recording my first album with the band!
This is a huge process involving a lot of instruments, this is the best album of the band so far, I’m very proud of the job our team did!
I’ve just finished drums, I’ve tried to mix what i know about metal and everything i learnt about oriental music, put some groove on it and that was a great experience, this is something new, i didn’t play trash metal, death or djent, heavy metal or prog…i just played MUSIC, trying to make it sound powerful and groovy, technical and easy listening for every metalheads!
Myrath is just a perfect mix! Can’t wait for the next tour already !

Watch Morgan Berthet tearing up the kit below:

Watch Myrath‘s video for “Merciless Times” from Tales of the Sands below: