Nebula Disrupt release first songs to the public

Nebula Disrupt 4

The hard hitting Nebula Disrupt from Cape Town/Stellenbosch have recently released a collection of their first studio demo tracks to the public.

The band, originally formed in 2011 as a writing partnership between Stephan Koegelenberg, Rory Skinner, and Dean Spangenberg, and who had a few videos of jamming sessions online, finally appeared as a complete band on the live circuit late in 2013. With a sound and style best described as black metal, Nebula Disrupt received a powerful reception when performing at metal4africa‘s SummerFest’14 at the start of this year.

The demo consists of the three tracks which the band delivered as best representative of their overall sound. Recording and mixing was done by Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios, with mastering done by the reputable Tim Lengfeld in Stellenbosch. We asked a band spokesperson to give us some insight into the featured song, ‘Infernus Animam’

“‘Infernus Animam’ is Latin and translates into ‘Hell Life’ and, well, a lot of the inspiration we had when we wrote it was derived from our mutual anger and hatred towards this hellish life we are forced to live. That is why it is such an intensely powerful song, because we poured all that built-up rage within ourselves into it. As that fury builds, it fuels the fire within us, and then, as the lyrics state “Fire pierce the light”, we breathe out an immense destructive firestorm that will lay waste to the fake, pretentious, lying, two-faced people and religions of this world.” ~ Haylin Hunter (bass, Nebula Disrupt)

The demo release includes three songs in total, all accessible via the bands soundcloud page. For updates on gig information, Nebula Disrupt can be followed at their official facebook page.

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