Nephilim: Beg For Your God album out now

Nephilim 2016 Beg For Your God

Durban, South Africa: underground extreme and death metal lives wherever one goes, and often, lives in spite of everything attempting to dictate that it should be dead. Such has been proven by the release of Beg For Your God by Nephilim, a two-man project driven by a need and greed for carnage:

“We started off as just two guys who had a very much similar vision with the direction we wanted to go and we’ve stuck to it. The stuff we write is pretty experimental and expressive, in the sense that with Beg for your God, we were both in really fucked up places in our lives when composing it. We’re currently starting work on a new album.” ~ Kyle ‘Nihil’ Channon (vocals, Nephilim)

Kyle describes the release as representing a massive challenge for the two, with obstacles arising at every turn until eventually guitarist ‘Pravus’ took on the production himself, just to get the material out. Album art was delivered by Ricardo Fernandes of Blackart Designs, and Beg For Your God features a guest solo in the first track by Jethro May of fellow Durban extreme metallers, The Overmind.

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