New Infanteria single days prior to album launch

Infanteria We All have Dreams

With days to go before Cape Town’s Infanteria release their second full-length album Where Serpents Conquer, the thrash band have released a second single to whet heavy metal appetites.

“‘We All have Dreams’ is the most melodic song on the album. I felt it needed to be heard as a single because melody is something scarce in metal nowadays, and it’s something that’s very important to the Infanteria sound. All of us loved the song too, and we felt that most people would appreciate it.” ~ Chris Hall (vocals/guitar, Infanteria)

The song has a very contrasty and almost ‘vintage’ metal sound to it, which is rare in South African metal of today. This begged us to ask more about the song.

“The song is about someone who longs to live out their dream and believes they have a destiny and a way to better their own life, but they cannot find the path towards it. However, one of their loved ones can and does manage live out their dream, and this almost makes up for it in a sense. Sadness, but pride. I had always been a fan of power ballads before and enjoyed melodic hardcore too, so I tried to marry the two along with my own spice. I’m very proud of this song and I hope people enjoy it!” ~ Chris Hall

Where Serpents Conquer will be launched with a live performance at ROAR this Friday (03 July) with support from All Guns Full Ammo. Full details at the official facebook event page.

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