New Raptorbaby single out today: The Lost

Raptorbaby, 2015 press

Raptorbaby are Pretoria’s very own Jurassic-inspired progressive metal outfit, and we were very excited to learn today that they have just released the first single from their forthcoming debut full-length. This new song, titled ‘The Lost’, is the second release to feature newcomer vocalist Vincent Van Niekerk (formerly of Mazaru) but the first that will be included on the anticipated album (see previous article on the release of ‘Atlantis’).

“Our previous singles were really just a way for us to experiment with our production process. We are now focused on getting some interesting new material recorded, as well as reworking our oldest songs from our original 2012 The Hatchling five-track EP. We felt that we did not do justice to the potential of those songs, and we’ve polished up our production process since then.” ~ Doug Jenkinson (guitar, Raptorbaby)

‘The Lost’, as it turns out, has nothing to do with dinosaurs! Described as probably the most “subdued” track by the band, it tells a chilling tale of death and wrongful accusation where the protagonist is driven to the brink of madness… or beyond?

“We often approach songs with the goal of being technical and a bit chaotic, however we approached ‘The Lost’ in a different way; to put the musical details in the background and focus on creating a textured emotional experience rather than a plethora of notes.” ~ Doug Jenkinson

Despite that the band aims to make each song a new and unexpected listening to the last, Doug promises that sufficient quantities of the Raptorbaby ‘signature’ shines through in each track. With that, we wanted to learn more about the development of band’s sound and style since Vincent replaced former vocalist Nelius:

“He has really changed things up for us. Vincent’s approach is a lot more metal and progressive orientated compared to Nelius who was much more Jazz orientated. I always really loved what Nelius did; it gave our music something really unique with his dry and somewhat sarcastic tone, but since Vince came on board, we’ve really been able to embrace some of our grindcore and mathcore influences.” ~ Doug Jenkinson

Citing ‘Atlantis’ as a great example, Doug explains how the band’s writing can display some serious chaos while also being beautiful, while he describes ‘The Lost’ as a contrast in soundscapes where Vincent really shines on vocals.

“All of this together means that we can make a really chaotic yet emotional album, which has always been our goal.” ~ Doug Jenkinson

‘The Lost’ was recorded and produced over a time span of two months by Michael Kyriakou of Maximus Studios
in Pretoria, South Africa; the place that will become like home for Raptorbaby over the next few months as work commences on the album. With the full release only expected some time in 2016, and word on the street that it is coming, Raptorbaby are now also burning the midnight oil in rehearsing for their appearance at this month’s Krank’d Up! concert. Hosted by Turning Tricks Entertainment, the concert will also feature international headliners Monuments and 36 Crazyfists. For full details on that event, scheduled for 26 September near Johannesburg, visit the official facebook event page.

The song ‘The Lost’ is available for purchase via the Raptorbaby bandcamp page

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