New Skyline Fire: Ballad For A Mexican video out now

Johannesburg, South Africa: soon-to-debut New Skyline Fire shows off it’s first single ‘Ballad For A Mexican’ with a tasty video. The band’s first live show kicks off at Rumours Rock City on 01 December, complete with the launch of a self-titled debut EP.

New Skyline Fire members are no ‘newbs’ to the scene, however. An inquisitive eye will pick out former members from Wysdiman, Unlisted, Fragmented Children, Torment and Pyramid Tongue no less. The creation of the new band satisfies the members’ desire to reignite creative fires, and to engage in something a little heavy, though with finer nuances too.

Ballad For A Mexican

The video for ‘Ballad For A Mexican’, filmed by WolfPrey Photographic Collective and edited by the illustrious Chris Preyser, sets the perfect stage for the band in many ways. We asked a band member about the choice of song for this powerful visual introduction:

“It was the first song we wrote in the new band. It’s a song that we love to play and feel is a song that best explains our love for life and having a good time! At the end of the day, that’s who New Skyline Fire is. Living life, ‘The glass half Full'”. ~ Ray Harrison (vocals, New Skyline Fire)

Once More Into The Breach, New Skyline Fire launches Ballad For A Mexican video

Once More Into The Breach, 01 December at Rumours Rock City

New Skyline Fire has teamed up with fellow acts Hokum, 13th Empire, Fall With Honour and Empyrean War for it’s launch. With a hard-hitting line-up of melodic metal bliss, the band is eager to introduce itself to the circuit and couldn’t be happier with it’s debut show partners.

“We feel that the line up describes our current musical direction pretty well at the moment. There are very down-tuned aggressive parts, some progressive stuff, and a bit of hard rock all topped off with our special brand of beer-infused sense of humour and fun”. ~ Ray Harrison

As to the approaching EP, we asked Ray if he’d like to describe some more of the music contents. He shared a few opinions on what tricks New Skyline Fire holds up its proverbial sleeve:

“We do feel that we have some songs which may appeal to the more melodic side of life, while some of it is a bit heavier. Some of it has interesting time signatures in it. At the end of the day, we write what makes us happy as a band, and we just want people to enjoy it and hopefully, help people when they’re having a bad day or time in their life”. ~ Ray Harrison

For full details on the Once More Into The Breach show date, join the official facebook event page.

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