New song by Zimbabwe’s Dividing The Element

Dividing The Element press 2015

Our favourite Zimbabwean metal band has struck again! Well, favourite since at this time we know of no other as yet. Dividing The Element stunned us in 2015 with their introduction (see article here) to the continental metal scene with their ethnically-infused melodic metal, and we’ve been leaning in closely since. We asked them a little about the new track:

“The song, as I’m sure is noticeable by the title, is in English this time. The lyrics are intrinsically about being in an unhealthy relationship. Promises are broken repeatedly resulting in a septic cycle that ultimately leads to the detriment of trust or any inspiring hope of trust restoration.” ~ Chris Van (vocals/guitar, Dividing The Element)

Chris describes the formula of the band’s songwriting – which in previous samples displayed very strong ethnically African infusions – is still being worked with before the band would say that they have settled into a sound.

“Instrumentally, the song follows the same sort of African theme as it’s counterparts.” ~ Chris Van

With that little update, we continue to watch and listen with the greatest of interest as the journey unfolds for Dividing The Element.

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