Nigeria headbangers unite: Metal & Romance

Metal and Romance 2016 II

Lagos, Nigeria: four headbangers have come together to form RockNation and have a vision to transform the Nigerian music entertainment industry to become ever more inclusive of rock and metal music. As this weekend approaches, and with it their fourth installation of the Metal & Romance party series, we caught up with RockNation to learn more about what it is that they are up to and how they hope to achieve their goals.

“While Rocknation is focused on growing the rock music industry as a whole, our Metal & Romance parties are to get rock fans together under one roof where they can have fun, express themselves, meet like minds and same music taste, and discover new music where we provide this platform for new unknown acts/bands. ~ Dammy Lawal (representative, RockNation)

Dammy also describes the bigger picture of the RockNation vision, of which Metal & Romance is only one product thereof. He and his three collaborators enjoy a diverse range of rock and metal sub-genres and decided that owing to a “poverty of live rock gigs, festivals and the rock culture as a whole in Nigeria”, there was work for them to do in order to change that. Launching the Metal & Romance party series in 2014 was the first step, but the establishment of Nigeria’s first ever festival to focus on rock and metal genres was the next logical step. This arrived in October 2015 with RockNation‘s introduction of Rocktoberfest live rock and metal music event – the first of it’s kind in the country – at Freedom Park on Lagos Island. So we wanted to know why then a focus still on these Metal & Romance parties rather than just the full-blown festival.

“Fans keep asking for it, and it grows the community. It also helps them get familiar with the Nigerian and African bands which we promote at the events.” ~ Dammy Lawal

We cannot argue the logic of Metal & Romance being a scene-builder with fun features like deejays, Karaoke, games and competitions, and even a few guest performances, this is the magic required to bring people together and establish a local sub-culture. Dammy tells us that since the first one in 2014, the party concept has quadrupled in size and attracts fans from all over the state. They also enjoy great local media coverage, and the interest of the public. We wish RockNation all the best of fortune with their endeavour and look forward to seeing what they will deliver at Rocktoberfest this year, following in the wake of Metal & Romance.

For those living in Lagos, or visiting in the city this weekend, why not make Metal & Romance a part of your weekend? It will take place at the Sailors Lounge situated on Plot 1, Block 12, Admirality Road, Lekki, Lagos.

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