North Africa’s Brood Of Hatred Reflect On Life And Death


Tunisian death metallers Brood Of Hatred are also well known for their firm grasp of the artful, more progressive side of music making. Their first full-length album Skinless Agony was released earlier this year, and is marketed by the bands Norwegian-based label Crime Records as: atmospheric death metal.

As the months since the release have marched along, Brood Of Hatred‘s facebook page has posted a constant stream of positive reviews from a plethora of sources, and since last week includes another official track available for streaming with ‘Obsession’, which clocks in at a mesmerizing nine-and-a-half minutes.

“This song, we wrote it during very hard times. It’s dedicated to all people who suffered in life and death.” ~ Muhammed Mêlki (vocals & bass guitar, Brood Of Hatred)

More music from Skinless Agony and the band’s earlier EP New Order Of Intelligence can be found via their facebook page, and Skinless Agony is available in hard-copy or digital format via the Crime Records online store.

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